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8 Tantalizing Mumbai Street Food You Must Try!

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Mumbai – the city of dreams, is not only famous for its colorful culture, historical places, and Bollywood film industry, but also it is famous for the street food of Mumbai. When you are in Mumbai and you always find the scoop to tease your taste buds, you should not miss any chance to try Bombay aka Mumbai street food.

Delicious Mumbai Street Food to Try

Let us have a look at the list of Mumbai Street Food along with the best places to eat in Mumbai.

  • Vada Pav: It is also known as the burger of a poor man. You can find Vada Pav in every nook and corner in Mumbai. The best place to try Vada Pav is Anand Vada Pav Stall in Vile Parle, west.
  • Pav Bhaji: Pav Bhaji is now available in most of the states in India with local variation and seasoning. Pav means bread and bhaji means vegetables. Pav is served with mashed vegetables and spices. Then Pav Bhaji is served with onion slices, lemon piece, tomato, and a scoop of butter on Pav. Sardar pav bhaji is the best place to taste Pav Bhaji.
  • Pani Puri: One of the mouthwatering street foods in Mumbai. Hollow and fried puris are stuffed with mashed and spicy potatoes. The puri is served with tamarind pulp and spicy water. For the best Pani Puri experience, you can visit the Elco Pani Puri center, Bandra.
  • Bhel Puri: If you want to try Bhel Puri in Mumbai then you can try Bhel Puri in Juhu and Girguam Chowpatty beach. Bhelpuri is made with puffed rice, tomato, onion, and special spices and finally, it is seasoned with tamarind sauce. It is just yummy to taste that you cannot resist.
Mumbai street food you fall in love for
Mumbai street food you fall in love for
  • Kebab: The origin of kebab is long rooted in Middle East countries. It is well known as the best non-vegetarian Mumbai street food. Bademiya is the best shop to taste Kebab in Mumbai.
  • Kheema Pav: There is just no specific time to eat Pav for Mumbaikars. Kheema Pav is made with bread and minced meat. Onion, lemon, tomato, and pickle add more taste to the dish. Olympia Coffee House sells the best in taste Kheema Pav in Mumbai.
  • Dosa: It is South India’s staple food but is truly famous among Mumbaikars for its taste and variety. Nandu Dosa is one of the best food joints in Mumbai. The stall offers Chinese, Mysore Masala, Schezwan, Jini, and Chocolate Dosa with a variety of chutneys.
  • Falooda: If you have sweet teeth then you must try Falooda in Mumbai. It is available in different flavors. Badshah Falooda and Juice Center is an eminent place delighting tasty Falooda.

There are countless places to eat in Mumbai where you can have tasty and spicy Mumbai special street food and relish your tongue anytime you wish for.

Enjoy snacking!

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